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What Causes Tinnitus?

Loud noise

Tinnitus is defined as a physical condition typified by ringing, swishing, and/or other noises that seem to be coming from the head or ear. Tinnitus is usually a symptom, rather than a disease. There are many common things that may trigger tinnitus.

They include the following:

Exposure of the ears to loud sounds/noise
Taking various drugs
Hearing loss
Eating certain foods
Various ear conditions

Loud noise

Loud noise is the main trigger of preventable tinnitus. Tinnitus caused by noise exposure normally goes hand in hand with hearing loss. Studies show that nine out of ten people with tinnitus have some kind of hearing loss caused by loud noise. If you have been exposed to loud noise for some time, you have probably noticed your ears ringing for a while afterwards. This is tinnitus.

Prescription drugs

Taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs is the second major cause of tinnitus. There are several hundreds of drugs commonly used. Some drugs can either lead to tinnitus, cause the existing tinnitus to get worse or trigger a new ringing (tinnitus) sound.

Certain foods

Certain foods such as cheese, chocolate, grain-based spirits and red wine can cause tinnitus or increase the condition in some people. Other things that can cause tinnitus include caffeine, nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, and some spices. Some people experience their tinnitus getting louder from eating foods that are high in sugar.

Hearing Loss

Quite often, tinnitus and hearing loss will accompany each other. Tinnitus does not lead to hearing loss. Rather, it is hearing loss that often causes tinnitus.


Allergies can also lead to tinnitus. Many people are allergic to things but are unaware of them. They cannot connect their level of tinnitus with what they ate or smelled, when that is what may be causing the problem.


Stress and tension, as well as uncontrolled anxiety often make tinnitus worse. Some recent studies reveal that stress can cause annoying tinnitus as well.

Ear Conditions

Some ear conditions can also result in tinnitus. For instance, many people, even children, can suffer from tinnitus along with infections such as otitis media (middle ear infection) or sinus infection. In general, the tinnitus will decrease and slowly fade away when the infection goes away.

Other conditions

Tinnitus can also be triggered by other conditions such as otosclerosis (abnormal bone growth in the middle ear), Meniere’s disease (build-up of fluid in the inner ear), or any other condition that causes damage or obstruction to the inner ears. Lastly, tinnitus can be triggered by tumors or growths in the auditory nerves, swelling in the ear canals, or even something as simple as wax build up.

If you’re suffering from tinnitus the best way to treat it is to first of all find out what causes tinnitus in your case. The best way to do this is to consult your doctor and get the necessary tests done. Unfortunately there is no specific medical cure for tinnitus so your doctor may not have all the answers when it comes to treatment. Luckily there are some natural tinnitus treatment programs available that can help to reduce or even eliminate the ringing in your ears.

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