Tinnitus Reduction Program Review

tinnitus reduction program

Looking for a way to reduce the volume and get your normal, peaceful life back? Finding a treatment for Tinnitus isn’t always easy, particularly as there is no specific ‘medical’ cure for it. However there are ways to treat and reduce the symptoms, even if your doctor hasn’t been able to help (most doctors will tell you is that you just ‘have to get used to it’). Holistic diet & lifestyle programs, tinnitus retraining therapy and hypnosis are just some of the more popular ways to treat tinnitus. In this article we’re going to review one of the most popular Tinnitus treatment programs on the market – the Tinnitus Reduction Program by Kevin Hogan Psy.D. As a former sufferer himself, Mr. Hogan has a clear insight into the condition and has actually tested many of the methods he talks about himself.

What is the Tinnitus Reduction Program?

This is an 8 CD program that includes hours of information on how to get relief from tinnitus. Reducing the volume is any tinnitus sufferer’s main concern, and this program is designed to do just that – in fact many people have achieved complete silence after putting this into practice. The program utilizes a multi-modal approach and contains information on therapies, treatment, hypnosis and medication among others.

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone suffering from Tinnitus who wants to find relief from their symptoms. It would also be beneficial to those who have a loved one suffering from tinnitus as this can help them gain an insight into the condition and how they can help.

What’s included:

8-Audio CDS – hours of information on the therapy and retraining you can use to reduce the volume of the ringing in your ears. There are also self-hypnosis CDs by Kevin Hogan based on the tapes he created for himself in 1995 to get rid of his own tinnitus.

The Book: Tinnitus – Turning the Volume Down (Revised and Expanded) Retail Value $24.95

This is filled with the insights from 8 years of therapeutic practice. It teaches strategies and techniques which are proven to work, successfully reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. This is the most up to date information you’ll find on the treatment of this condition. You’ll learn about medications that can be used (that your doctor probably didn’t tell you about), lifestyle changes that will help, behavioural techniques, and even hypnosis!

Tinnitus Journaling Chart – chart your recovery and discover what triggers your tinnitus or what helps it to improve.

Our verdict

Tinnitus is quite a difficult condition to treat, mainly because it’s different for everyone – different causes, level of severity, triggers etc. There really is no specific medication that a doctor can prescribe, and many people have to live with tinnitus permanently or until it goes away itself (which doesn’t often happen). There IS hope though, and a program like the Tinnitus Reduction Program is an invaluable resource for people who have tried everything and not found relief. Will it cure you outright? We can’t make any promises. What we do know though is that it has helped many people achieve silence, or at least an overwhelming reduction of that maddening ear ringing. It could literally be the one thing that could save your sanity!

Where to order

If you want to try the Tinnitus Reduction Program for yourself you can order at the official Kevin Hogan store. There you can learn more about the author, the tinnitus program, and of course check out some of his many other popular programs as well.

Special Offer

For a limited time you can purchase the Tinnitus Reduction Program for just $197 (that’s a saving of $227.55). This is an incredible offer for a program that has helped thousands of people worldwide to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and live a normal, ‘quiet’ life.

Money Back Guarantee

If it doesn’t help you, all you have to do is return the program to Network 3000 Publishing for a full refund.

Click Here To Order The Tinnitus Reduction Program

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