Treatment For Tinnitus

tinnitus relief

As with patients suffering from any disease, knowing and understanding the treatment for tinnitus is important for those suffering from the condition. Apart from the loss of focus on important tasks, the condition can be very mentally disturbing for those afflicted and in some extremes it can lead to stress and irritability. The good news is that for a majority of the patients, tinnitus is a problem that can be treated with various interventions available. A few people maybe unlucky enough to require surgical intervention but these represent a small number of the total number of tinnitus sufferers.

Before we look at treatments it’s important to identify its causes and symptoms.

What is tinnitus?

A simple way to define it is as a swishing, ringing or other closely related noise that seems to come from inside the ear or the head. Most people will experience at some point in their life for a very brief period. It can arise from any of the four stages of the hearing system i.e. the brain, middle ear, inner ear and the outer ear. While some level of tinnitus maybe normal, it may escalate to the point that the patient feels the need for treatment.

So just how do you know you have tinnitus?

The most common sounds are crickets, buzzing, whistling, high pitched ringing and roaring. In some cases it’s a sound that seems to be synchronized with your heartbeat.

What are the causes?

Hearing loss – With age, the cochlea gets damaged by noise, chemicals and other forms of trauma so the brain doesn’t get enough feedback and noise is produced as a result.

Ear infections and excessive wax in the ears have been seen to necessitate treatment of tinnitus in some individuals.

Loud noises are by far the most common cause among most people – prolonged loud noise can damage the ear drums.

Drugs, disease and active blood vessels in the ear have also been seen as a cause.

After you have ascertained that you have tinnitus, the next step is to see a doctor to advise on the best cause of action.

How is Tinnitus treated?

When the causes are ascertained and it’s clear that it isn’t caused by another problem, then the doctor can adopt the following causes of action:

Antidepressants/ anti-anxiety medicine  are used to provide relief in the situation. These can be used with maskers which are small devices that generate white noise to help fight the tinnitus irritation.

Background noise- white noise, fan sounds and radio or music will help afflicted people relax and sleep better and alleviate the bother posed by tinnitus.

Relaxation- Relax and try to avoid stress if possible. Try taking up yoga or meditation.

Avoid caffeine, aspirin and narcotics.

In other cases treatment for tinnitus will comprise of solving whatever is causing the irritation, like feedback from the brain as a result of an aneurysm or tumor.

Tinnitus reduction programs – there are a number of tinnitus treatment programs on the market that are designed to help reduce or even cure the symptoms of tinnitus altogether. These may involve strategies such as self hypnosis and other popular strategies for the treatment of ringing in the ears. Read a review of our recommended Tinnitus Reduction Program.

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